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  • Chengli special purpose vehicle co., LTD. Sales seven branch
  • Sales manager:Cao Jingli
  • Sales hotline:18371883666
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  • WeChat ID:330146347
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  • Enterprise
  • Business address:In hubei province·Draws·Once all area south chengli automobile industry park
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    Chengli special purpose vehicle co., LTD. Sales seven branch,The production of various kinds of special vehicles of professional manufacturers,Large dedicated automobile factory。Home landscaping、Petroleum chemical industry、Municipal sanitation、Pressure vessel dedicated car manufacturers。

    The company has their own export right,Products occupy a large number of foreign markets,The main varieties are sprinkler、The tanker、The garbage truck、Dung sucking、Pollution、Dump truck、Van、Semi-trailer、Repair car、Lorry-mounted crane、The work high above the car、Coaches、Bulk cement vehicle、Chemical industry、Fire engines、Auto parts、Cement mixers、Eight series tractors, etc100Multiple varieties of models。

    Chengli special steam is willing to serve you wholeheartedly,And look forward to your field trip to our factory production strength and the product process,We will provide the high quality service for you。